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Motivation & Purpose
To study abroad is my dream for a long time. However, I try to adjust foreign country life so that I enter to work career first. Then, I can feel deeply about work that needs to do very hard. After entering several years later, I feel that I need learn higher professional knowledge skills because I lack of higher professional technology and stronger educational background. Therefore, I decide to go to U.S.A. for advanced study that I can extend to my view of knowledge and contribute to my country. I can also have more opportunities to develop my own career. There are three motivations for me to pursue for my MBA degree at XXX. The first motivation is to have a breakthrough in my work; the second, cultivate a worldview and obtain the essence of worldwide business; & the third, seek for the business opportunity of the economics in Taiwan.

Educational Background
Currently, innovative commercial mode in society and promotion of my work position has made what I had learned in the past far beyond my studying time. From my working experience in the past years, I found that both work performance and knowledge should be emphasized equally. 

I majored in XXX. In the meantime, I had learned a great deal about computer program skills and information management. After starting my career, in perceiving importance of Internet in Taiwan, I went back to school, XXX and took E-commercial as my major.

During college years of studying, I devoted myself to the study of the Practices of International Trading, and I also absorbed in the study of the exchange and investment of international finance, etc. By doing so, I was able to have a further understanding of financial management. In the 21st century, computers have already had a dominating status in the world. In an attempt to enhance my work capacity and efficiency, I started to take courses in the international trading and electronic commercial to fill up my thirst for knowledge. Therefore, I decide to take MBA program at XXX.

Working Experience
I have participated more than five years at XXX Co. Ltd. The company is the top one on-line trading brokerage in Taiwan and has been a trendsetter in the field. Due to Innovative E-commercial dramatically growth, the company has been vigorously embarking on the construction of on-line financial service. By the end year of 2001, the company was the leader in the on-line trading service for thirty consecutive months.

As a special assistant of President office, I was responsible for web traffic analysis. By using the XXX software, I can monitor any unusual website traffic. These applications I have learned in the college such as multiple regression and hypothesis test to monitor the relevant trade volume, revenue, cost, and web traffic etc. 

Early last year, I worked on a project, XXX, with my colleagues. The project was completed on the end of Aug. Hence, investors from U.S., Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Korea can trade via this platform. The main goal of my company is to be internationalization and globalization. I believe that this tendency will become financial industry in Taiwan in the future.

Study Plan
The scope of MBA program can be used extremely broad. As a matter of fact, my plan is to comprehend how to make extensible usage of MBA and how to apply to each different commercial and financial area. Hence, I can apply MBA ideas to different applications. By carrying out such as attempt, I will be an expert on this filed. In the graduate program, research will be expected a tremendous area to discover endless boundary knowledge. I hope that I can engage in academic study and concentrate on MBA or commercial research as well. Furthermore, with educated training, it can increase my ideas and dream in actual life. In short, I hope that I will have an opportunity to have an advanced study. My pursuit university can satisfy me with comprehension in the area of MBA. My advanced study will focus on Management Information System such as, accounting, economics, business law, finance, management, management information systems, marketing, production, and statistics.

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