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Recommendatory professor, xxx Xu, in the department of social work at xxxx University

Student to be recommend: xxx Chen

Education: BS degree in the department of social work at xxx University

Working Experience: Educational department at xxx County as a instructor

The contents of recommendation:

1.A chance to know:

I have participated in social work at xxx for several years and taught at xxxx University in team participation. Under xxx county government invitation, I have taught for social work instructors. When I taught in the class, Ms. xxx Chen gave me an impression on her professional knowledge pursuit.

2. Working Attitude

Besides studying, xxx Chen had consulted with me about dealing with a student agenda after work. From her attitude, it seems that she really cares about students. Dealing with cases and process, she follows professional tradition to apply for social resource. It can be sure that she contributes with her job and cares each case with confidence.

3. Professional Knowledge:

From individual case seminar and personal contact, she knows that combine theory and application. She also hopes that have an opportunity to advanced study abroad. In her work environment, abnormal students or interrupted study students are main job, but she always looks for person’s concern to help their motivation. Furthermore, I have met her college classmates in other meetings that every one looks upon her excellent expression and performance as a intelligent student. I have met Caroline Chen several times at seminar and class, and I also have found her learning power. It is unbelievable that she uses her spare time to study no matter she has a stable job.

4. Personal Characters:

In my point of view about xxx Chen, she has easygoing personality, clever, and neat that she knows her way to be with strong motivation. Due to religious, she knows clearly about career and life to set up a target. (Besides work for teenager’s guidance, she also participates other public service as a team leadership for teenagers in different areas.)     

5. Conclusions:

This time xxx Chen has selected consulting psychology that is not familiar with her social work. It must be needed for her work. Extensional learning can feel that she contribute with her professional areas. I believe that she is capable of learning consulting psychological training to serve more teenagers and people.


               Recommendatory professor, xxx Xu  


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